On-site Consumption FAQ's

Last updated on 09.03.21

Is Weldwerks currently open for on-site consumption?

Yes! We are currently offering limited seating, outdoors only, both on the patio and in our covered tents.

What are your hours?

Now that we have our feet underneath us a bit more, we have matching hours for both on-site consumption and to-go pick-up. These are subject to change, so please check back if you are planning a visit.

Monday - Saturday: 12pm-9pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

how will we get a table?

Due to the uncertainty of possibly inclement weather situations, all tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Please note we can only seat parties of up to 8 people, kids included! If they are taking a seat, they count towards your party total.

ok, so how can we order a beer?

You can either order at the bar like "old times," or also right on your phone! Each table has a QR code that, when scanned with your cell phone camera (no additional app needed on most phones!) will bring you straight to our online draft availability website. You can order beer there, provide payment, and we’ll bring your pints straight to you.

do we have to wear face coverings?


You can remove your covering when at your table with your party, but please make sure you keep one on as you move about the premises. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including your party and our beloved staff.

will you have any food available?


We will be utilizing food trucks on a rotating schedule. Please check each week’s Facebook or Instagram posts for that week’s truck schedule since it changes from week-to-week.

will you be using disposable cups?


We want to both cut down on waste and also ensure a more authentic brewery experience, so we will be using machine-sanitized glassware and taking every precaution to ensure complete cleanliness. Anyone pouring or bringing you a beer will be wearing gloves and our brand-new dishwasher sanitizes at a very high temperature. If you would prefer disposable cups, we will have them available by request.

what are you doing to keep your staff safe?

Our staff is eager to welcome you back on site! We are aware of the importance of honest feedback and good hygiene. Each team member will communicate to their supervisor in advance if they feel any symptoms and will be covered with PTO if they feel safer taking the day off. We cover the cost of testing for our team members.

Staff members coming in will check their temperature each day at clock in and mask wearing is required at all times. Regular hand washing is enforced and gloves are provided for any interaction where they are necessary. The workflow is set up with socially distant working areas in mind.

What happens if we see some friends, can we go talk to them?

We know how communal the beer scene is, and it’s of course one of our favorite parts about getting to do what we do. However, in this time of still-present social distancing requirements, we have to ask that you stick with your party for the entirety of your visit and refrain from visiting with folks you did not arrive with.

can our dogs still come with us? What about kids?

All are absolutely welcome! Just please note that kids do count against your 8-person party size if they take up their own seat, and doggos (allowed outside on patio only – NOT indoors) need to be well-behaved and leashed at all times.

I think these procedures are too strict or too loose! How can I give feedback?

Please let us know! This is everyone’s first time doing this sort of thing, so we are completely aware that we won’t get everything correct right off the bat. Please send any and all questions, concerns and constructive criticisms to info@weldwerksbrewing.com.

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