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Health and The Environment

Mental health


Weld County residents reporting
frequent mental distress


Weld County residents reporting
feelings of depression and hopelessness

Mental health has become a primary focus for our movement towards brewing better communities. This is an ongoing effort and we will continue to support those that work towards and demonstrate the positive change we wish to see in our community.

Accessible Health care


Weld County residents
without any form of insurance


Weld County residents delaying
or going without the care they need

Access to the proper health care is certainly not a new challenge and remains on the forefront of our mind. This need is prominent in all communities, we will continue to express our gratitude and support to the individuals and organizations that strive to provide care for all members of our community.

environmental health

1 in 4

Weld County residents express
unclean air and drinking water
being a primary concern

We are a people centric business and that means we must care for the environment the same way we care for each other.  We understand how the health of our surroundings impact our mental and physical well-being. Supporting environmental efforts means supporting our community so that we can provide healthy spaces for its members and visitors.

Affordable Housing

Community starts at home


Weld County families have been
pressured to live doubled up with
other families because of the lackof
affordable housing.

Throughout Weld County we are seeing an increase in homelessness. We believe helping people gain access to and keep a stable home is vital to them thriving and staying off the streets.  With this in mind we will continue to support efforts focused on providing the members of our community with a home.

From the Beginning

We have focused on building a culture of caring individuals that share a passion for helping others.

Brewing Better Communities is our way of connecting people to local needs and opportunities over a craft beer.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Help us close the gap

Racial disparity

In Weld County we have significant racial disparity in educational attainment, economic opportunity, and environmental injustice (toxic air exposure, polluted water). We have seen improvement in closing the wage gap between men and women, however it still remains, and is ever increasing between white women and women of color.

unite us


Diversity, equality, and inclusion are values that we continue to practice and work towards everyday. We believe it is a process and cause that strengthens our community as a whole.

Youth Development

children of our future

1 in 10

of Weld County children live below
the poverty line.


of 4th grade students are in-proficient in reading

We cherish the children of all Weld County communities. Providing them with the love and support they need to pursue their dreams is a deeply held passion of ours.

developing minds


of high school students have seriously considered attempting suicide in the past 12 months.

We are dedicated to aiding those who directly address these challenges and know that by supporting the youth of today will strengthen our community tomorrow.

Affordable Housing

Diversity, Equality
and Inclusion

Health and Environment

Youth Development

Affordable Housing

Diversity, Equality
and Inclusion

Health and Environment

Youth Development

One way we can give back is
through our 10k IPA Series

One way we can give back is through our 10k IPA Series

The 10K IPA series is one of our unique approaches providing targeted support to the causes we care about. This effort officially launched in January of 2021 with the intent to periodically raise awareness and money through beer sales and give at least $10,000 to a charitable organization committed to the cause. We are dedicated to making these 10K IPA  partnerships four to six times a year so that we may provide continuous opportunities to build new and lasting relationships in the communities we are in.

10K IPA: #GiveASh!rt

This time around we've teamed up with Somebunny Cares, a local nonprofit that provides unique post-op mastectomy shirts featuring hidden drain pockets along with support accessories, quirky gift items and outreach for women going through breast cancer. Brewed with love for Somebunny Cares, our 10K IPA: #GIVEASH!RT Edition will provide 200 breast cancer surgery recovery shirt kits to people immediately after diagnosis. Join the #GiveASh!rt Campaign!

To learn more about Hannah and Somebunny Cares view this video and visit somebunnyawesome.com

About The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center

10K IPA: #GiveASh!rt
Released: November 12th, 2021

About The Sexual Assault
Victim Advocate Center

Each year, SAVA provides confidential support to over 1,200 victims of sexual assault and provides education to over 1,000 community members and 9,000 students. SAVA now serves as the only rape crisis center in Larimer and Weld Counties dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of sexual assault survivors.

For more information about SAVA, visit savacenter.org.

About A Woman’s Place

For more than forty years, A Woman's Place has provided services for survivors of domestic violence. During 2020, A Woman's Place answered 712 crisis phone calls and provided safe shelter to 273 individuals. AWP’s services include emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, advocacy, information and referral, youth services, counseling, legal advocacy and outreach education for women, men, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals and families. AWP’s 29-bed facility is the only safe house in Weld County. 

For more information about A Woman’s Place, visit awpdv.org.

The 10K IPA will allow A Woman’s Place to provide crisis support and community training to stop domestic violence. For SAVA, the 10K IPA will benefit their prevention programming, which brings training and support to youth at local schools, camps and summer programs.

10K IPA: #GiveASh!rt
Released: September 9, 2021

The House That Beer Built

Aster Legawi and her family traveled from Sudan by way of multiple refugee camps to Greeley Colorado, where they have lived and worked for the last three years. While raising her 4 children alone, Aster has been working diligently to bring her husband to the United States from a refugee camp in Ethiopia to reunite their family. All the while the Legawi family has lived in a two-bedroom apartment that is in constant need of repair and frequently targeted by thieves and vandals.

Like many of us over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges such as attending school online and being quarantined to close quarters for extended periods of time. During this time, the children have had to take turns sitting in the bathroom to present to their class online. As a part of our Brewing Better Communities initiative to support affordable housing efforts, the proceeds of this quarters 10K IPA is going towards Aster’s partnership with Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity to provide her children with a safe and comfortable home where they can grow and learn.

To learn more and support projects like this in our community visit Greeley-Weld Habitat for Humanity (greeleyhabitat.org)

10K IPA: House That Beer Built
Released: July 9th, 2021

10K IPA: Unite Edition

The 10K IPA: Unite Edition was brewed to seed the WeldWerks Diversity Scholarship and support UNC’s UNITE Program, a cohort that gives undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to begin or continue conversations in relations to equity and inclusion across a broad range of identities, and the university’s Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, a mentor program that provides support to undergraduates along the gender, sexuality and romantic spectrums.

WeldWerks Diversity Scholarship

$4,000 Annual scholarship for prospective and current UNC students of color. We pledge to increase the endowment to $100,000 by the end of 2022 so that the scholarship may continue to provide opportunity for future generations.

To learn more about this scholarship visit here

10K IPA: Unite Edition
Released: October 11, 2021


Who do we give to?

Our support is cause related and specific to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. If you are not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it is likely that we will decline your request.

Where do we give?

Our primary focus is supporting causes and organizations local to Weld County and El Paso County. Exceptions may be made depending on the cause.

What do we give?

Gift Baskets (merch, gifts cards) ranging from $50 to $150

When to submit a request?

- At least 30 days in advance
- Local pick-up only

If your request meets the above criteria, fill out the application form associated with your request type. If you are a nonprofit organization looking for a different type of support, fill out the contact form below. We will follow up within 1-2 weeks

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